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In 1992, leaders from the activist group Southwest Network of Economic and Environmental Justice (SWNEEJ) met with EPA Region 9 management to discuss ways EPA could better address the needs of minority or low-income communities living near Superfund sites. As a result of these discussions, EPA Region 9 implemented several new community-oriented actions at the site. They included the formation of a Unified Community Advisory Board (UCAB), a $30,000 environmental justice grant to the El Pueblo Clinic, a TCE Superfund Information Library, and the sponsorship of two middle school teachers from Southside's Sunnyside School District to attend EPA's environmental education teachers workshop in Baltimore.

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The only potential people that are at risk are people who are drinking water from private water wells. For those people that chose not to hook up to the municipal water supply, they should have their well water tested on a semi-annual basis from Pima County Department of Environmental Quality, review the results, and the findings. If the people are uncomfortable with reading the results, they should request the County, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, or EPA to assist them in understanding the sample results and findings. The citizens who are hooked up to the municipal water supply need not worry as their drinking water meets EPA standards. Concerned citizens that want to learn more are invited to attend are quarterly meetings held of the third Wednesday every January, April, July and October as discussed below.

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