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New Groundwater Factsheet, see featured documents / Nueva Hoja Informativa sobre el sistema de tratamientos para el Agua Subterránea

EPA completed the second Five-Year Review for Operable Unit #5 (Palos Verdes Shelf) of the Montrose Chemical Co. Superfund site.  The second Five Year Review found that the cleanup plan (remedy) at Palos Verdes Shelf is protective of human health and the environment in the short-term; however, in order for the remedy to be protective in the long-term, follow up actions need to be taken. 

The second Five Year Review concluded that although concentrations of DDTs and PCBs in sediment and fish tissue are decreasing through monitored natural recovery and Institutional Controls that minimize human consumption of impacted fish, the sediment cleanup levels should be revised based on updated understanding in white croaker fish tissue concentrations-sediment relationships.

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