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On October 4, 2019, EPA announced two settlements to study indoor air quality, advance cleanup, and take action related to groundwater contamination for the Triple Site. The first, with Philips Semiconductors Inc. (Philips), requires the company to study indoor air quality in commercial buildings at the Signetics site and evaluate options to speed cleanup of contaminated groundwater. The second settlement adds Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation (formerly TRW Microwave) as signatory parties—with Philips as the party performing the work— to assess vapor intrusion and implement mitigation measures in residential buildings adjacent to the Signetics site that are located over the groundwater contamination.

The orders can be found here and here.

EPA continues indoor air sampling for TCE vapors in homes and school buildings near the Site and is overseeing the installation of more than 20 mitigation systems in residences and classrooms affected by vapor intrusion.

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