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The Fourth Five-Year Review report, signed by the Navy on October 11, 2017, has been completed for the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Complex Superfund Site. EPA's final remedy selection authority at Federal Facility National Priority List sites requires EPA to retain final authority to make protectiveness determinations. In an October 26th letter, EPA agreed with the Navy's protectiveness determinations for four operable units. However, as had been discussed with the Navy throughout the five-year review process, EPA disagreed with the Navy's determination that the remedy at Operable Unit A is Short-Term Protective and EPA's protectiveness determination will be reported to Congress as Not Protective. Ecology and the Suquamish Tribe informed the Navy that they also do not agree with the Navy's protectiveness determination for Operable Unit A. The Navy has provided recommendations in the five-year review for work to address remedy protectiveness issues for Operable Unit A.

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Public Participation Opportunities

The Navy established a community Restoration Advisory Board to help facilitate public involvement in the cleanup work at the site. The RAB was adjourned in December, 2008. For information about Navy RABs in the Pacific Northwest, please contact Leslie Yuenger, NAVFAC Northwest Public Affairs Officer at (360) 396-6387.

Administrative Records for this Superfund site are maintained by the Navy.

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