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The 39-acre Dixie Caverns County Landfill site is located in Salem, Virginia. Roanoke County operated the unlicensed municipal landfill from 1965 until its closure in 1976. During operation, the landfill accepted municipal and industrial wastes. Site activities contaminated soil and sediment with hazardous chemicals. EPA placed the site on the Superfund program’s National Priorities List (NPL) in 1989. Cleanup activities included removal and treatment of fly ash and the removal, treatment and disposal of contaminated stream sediments. The cleanup ended in 1997, and EPA deleted the site from the NPL in 2001. Following cleanup, operation and maintenance activities are ongoing.

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What Is Being Done to Clean Up the Site?

EPA has conducted several Five-Year reviews of the site’s remedy. These reviews ensure that the remedies put in place protect public health and the environment, and function as intended by site decision documents. The most recent review, conducted in September 2017, concluded that response actions at the site are in accordance with the remedy selected by EPA and that the remedy continues to be protective of human health and the environment in the short term. Continued protectiveness of the remedy requires an ecological health assessment.

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What Is the Current Site Status?

The Site was deleted from the National Priorities List in 2001, as all cleanup actions have been completed. Operation and maintenance activities are ongoing.  Institutional Controls were enacted in 2013 to ensure that the stabilized waste left in the landfill is not disturbed. The fourth Five-Year Review Report, completed in September 2017,  is available here.

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