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The 7.6-acre Wisconsin Public Service Corp. site is located in Oshkosh, Wis. The Upper Fox River borders the site to the south with Lake Winnebago about .2 miles downstream. Since 2003, the site has been owned by the city of Oshkosh and was redeveloped into a public park which includes an amphitheater and river walk. Boat docking along the shoreline enables boaters to visit the park.

WPSC owned and operated the gas plant from the 1869 to 1946 in an area that was historically industrial. Processes included coal carbonization and carbureted water gas.


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What Has Been Done to Clean Up the Site?

Under Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources oversight, WPSC conducted various investigations in the 1990s.  The company also cleaned up the site in 2002 which included excavation, thermal treatment and removal of about 23,500 tons of highly contaminated soil and placement of a clean soil cover. Other work included building a barrier wall along the river and a groundwater control system to restrict the flow of contaminated groundwater.

WPSC prepared a document referred to as a "completion report" Completion Report (PDF)  (425 pp, 44.92 MB) in 2008 which summarizes all past cleanup work completed under state programs.  EPA approved the site specific workplan (PDF) (1381 pp, 60.2 MB) in 2016 which planned further investigation of the remaining contamination. Additional sediment, groundwater, surface water, and soil vapor sampling was done.

Plans for investigation of sediment, groundwater and soil at six MGP sites began after a legal agreement called a consent order was signed between WPSC and EPA in May 2006. This agreement allowed for further investigation of the Oshkosh site.

The 2006 agreement also includes five other MGP sites in Green BayStevens PointMarinetteManitowoc and Two Rivers, Wisconsin. A separate agreement for another site, WPSC Campmarina MGP in Sheboygan, was signed between WPSC and EPA in January 2007.

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What Is the Current Site Status?

EPA has been overseeing routine groundwater monitoring since 2006 and investigation activities since 2016. EPA is reviewing the results and determining where to take more samples before WPSC performs human health and ecological risk assessments and prepares a final report on the investigation results.

After this investigation has been completed, a feasibility study will follow. This study will evaluate possible cleanup options. All work is being paid for by WPSC/Integrys.

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