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The Monticello Radioactively Contaminated Properties site consists of 424 private and commercial properties in and around the city of Monticello, Utah, covering approximately four square miles. Tailings were removed from the nearby Monticello Mill Tailings site, which is also on the Superfund National Priorities List. These tailings were used by various parties as fill for open lands; backfill around water, sewer, and electrical utilities; sub-base for driveways, sidewalks, and concrete slabs; backfill against basement foundations; and as sand mix in concrete, plaster and mortar.

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What Has Been Done to Clean Up the Site?

The site is being addressed through federal actions.

EPA has conducted several five-year reviews of the site’s remedy. These reviews ensure that the remedies put in place protect public health and the environment, and function as intended by site decision documents. The most recent review concluded that response actions at the site are in accordance with the remedy selected by EPA and that the remedy continues to be protective of human health and the environment.

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What Is the Current Site Status?

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) led cleanup activities under a Federal Facilities Agreement (FFA) with EPA and the state. The long-term remedy included excavation and removal of contaminated tailings, soil and construction materials from properties surrounding the site. Contaminated materials were later disposed of at a repository about one mile south of the former mill. Remedy construction took place between 1984 and 2000.

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