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There are no published administrative records currently available for the site.

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In addition to PANTEX PLANT (USDOE), this site has also been referred to as:


National Priorities List Status:  Final
The National Priorities List is intended primarily to guide EPA in determining which sites warrant further investigation. Learn more about the NPL.

City and State: PANTEX VILLAGE, TX

County: CARSON

Congressional District: 13

EPA ID: TX4890110527

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Public Information Repositories

EPA provides space for the public to view records related to Superfund work at the site.

DOE/NNSA, EPA, and TCEQ have routinely met with the public throughout the site investigation and assessment process to discuss the project schedule, and status of ongoing fieldwork, including the implementation of interim corrective measures, interim stabilization measures, and removal actions. A combination of regularly scheduled and special (non-routine) meetings provided opportunities for residents and other interested parties to be involved in cleanup decisions at the site.  


Meetings were held quarterly to focus on the investigation and evaluation of contaminated sites, and included discussion of CERCLA early actions and interim corrective measures.  Since transition from construction completion to long-term operation and monitoring of the constructed remedial systems, the frequency has been reduced to twice a year.  USDOE/NNSA will continue to update the public during the operation and maintenance phase with semi-annual meetings, tentatively scheduled for the first Monday in May and November.  If the need arises, USDOE/NNSA is committed to increase the frequency of these meetings or hold special meetings to provide timely communication of pertinent information. 


Pantex also maintains reading rooms at the Carson County Library in Panhandle, Texas, and at the Amarillo Public Library Downtown Branch, 413 E. 4th, in Amarillo, Texas, to make environmental reports and restoration documents available and readily accessible to the public.

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