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Want a visual, overall update of remedial design work on the Portland Harbor Superfund Site? For an updated, comprehensive map showing the project areas of all signed agreements & orders as well as more information, please see EPA’s June 2020 Portland Harbor Superfund Site Updates fact sheet. EPA updates this fact sheet every quarter. 

*New!* Information Management and Institutional Control Plans:  Under an agreement with EPA, the State of Oregon and the City of Portland are developing plans to guide the management of cleanup data and institutional controls (activity and use limitations to reduce people's exposure to contamination during and after cleanup and to protect the remedy). The purpose of this effort is to (1) ensure that information and data are presented in a format that is consistent and useful and (2) describe the instutional controls (ICs) and how harbor-wide and site-specific ICs will be documented, tracked, and communicated. If this sounds interesting to you, YOUR participation is key to letting the State and City know about your information needs during and after the cleanup. For more information and to participate, please review the fact sheets below and contact Project Coordinator Dawn Sanders (503-823-7263, or the Community Engagement Coordinator, Jessica Terlikowski (503-823-5507,


*March 2020* EPA issued two Unilateral Administrative Orders (UAOs) to initiate remedial design at the Portland Harbor Superfund Site to Evraz, Inc. to address contamination adjacent to its Rivergate plant on the east side of the Willamette River and to Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc. and MMGL, LLC to address contamination at the International Slip on the east side of the Willamette River. Now, nearly 70% of the acres designated for active in-water remediation at the Site are in remedial design!

Signed Agreements for Remedial Design (since December 2019):  Eight agreements (also known as Administrative Settlement Agreements and Order on Consent or ASAOCs) for remedial design were signed since December 2019! Remedial design funding made possible by the City of Portland and State of Oregon’s Site-wide Funding Agreement bolstered EPA’s negotiation efforts for the new agreements. The working parties that have stepped up and signed these remedial design agreements with EPA show a strong commitment to moving the cleanup forward and serve as a great example of what we can accomplish when we work together.

More details on all of these signed agreements are provided below:

*Revised Agreement - Signed March 4, 2020* US Moorings and Navigation Channel Project Areas (part of existing GASCO agreement)

*New Agreement - Signed February 21, 2020* River Mile 7 West Project Area

*New Agreement - Signed February 7, 2020* River Mile 10 West Project Area

*New Agreement - Signed January 31, 2020* Willbridge Cove Project Area

  • Working Parties:  Chevron U.S.A. Inc., Kinder Morgan Liquids Terminals LLC, McCall Oil and Chemical Corporation, Phillips 66 Company, and Shell Oil Company
  • Link to Agreement:  

*New Agreement - Signed January 31, 2020* B1a Project Area

*New Agreement - Signed January 29, 2020* River Mile 10 East Project Area

*New Agreement - Signed December 30, 2019* River Mile 9 West Project Area

*New Agreement - Signed December 13, 2019* Willamette Cove Project Area

Portland Harbor Model ASAOCs (Administrative Settlement Agreement and Order on Consent) and SOWs (Statement of Work)

Final Explanation of Significant Differences (ESD) for the Portland Harbor Superfund Site

*Please note that this final ESD includes a responsiveness summary (in Appendix B starting on page 162 of 500) where EPA replied to all the comments on the proposed ESD.

Pre-Remedial Design Investigation and Baseline Sampling Documents (Work Completed in November 2019)

Other Important Site Documents


Portland Harbor Superfund Site Data Portal

This interim website provides public access to view and download analytical data and reports associated with environmental studies for the Portland Harbor Superfund Site. All data sets and reports available in this portal have been approved by EPA to use in designing future cleanup actions. When available, reports associated with data collection and analysis may also be viewed and downloaded for each study. More data will be added as it becomes available. EPA is also exploring better ways to manage and display data for the Portland Harbor Superfund Site.

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National Priorities List Status:  Final
The National Priorities List is intended primarily to guide EPA in determining which sites warrant further investigation. Learn more about the NPL.

City and State: PORTLAND, OR


Congressional District: 01,03

EPA ID: ORSFN1002155

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Public Information Repositories

EPA provides space for the public to view records related to Superfund work at the site.

Where to Review Documents

Many documents are available online in the Administrative Record (AR) and other document collections. Documents are also available at the following locations:

  • EPA Region 10 Oregon Operations Office
    805 SW Broadway St., Suite 500
    Portland, Oregon 97205
    503-326-3250 (please call for an appointment)
  • EPA Region 10 Superfund Record Center
    1200 6th Avenue, Suite 155
    Mail Stop OMP-161
    Seattle, WA 98101
    Phone: 206-553-4494
    Toll-free: 800-424-4372 x 4494
    (please call for assistance)

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