Superfund Information Systems: Site Profile

Superfund Site: NEWTOWN CREEK

Site Facts

Many NPL sites are large and complicated. These sites are often broken up into smaller areas to make cleanup easier and more manageable. These areas are called “Operable Units” or OUs. Activities and funding that are applicable to the entire site are tracked under OU 00, often called the “Sitewide” operable unit. All sites have this operable unit. This page provides a list of all of the Operable Units at this site.

Contaminants listed below, if any, reflect those present at the site at the time the Record of Decision (ROD) is completed. No contaminants listed indicates that the ROD has not yet been completed.

Cleanup technology selected listed, if any, reflects the selected technology decision in the ROD. No cleanup technology listed indicates that the ROD has not yet been completed.
see glossary for definition of Operable Unit (OU) »
OU ID Name Types of Contaminants
Present at the Time of
ROD Completion
Cleanup Technologies Selected
in the Decision Document
DISCLAIMER: Be advised that the data contained in these profiles are intended solely for informational purposes use by employees of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for management of the Superfund program. They are not intended for use in calculating Cost Recovery Statutes of Limitations and cannot be relied upon to create any rights, substantive or procedural, enforceable by any party in litigation with the United States. EPA reserves the right to change these data at any time without public notice.