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About the Superfund Redevelopment Initiative

This nationally coordinated effort provides EPA and its partners with a process to return Superfund sites to productive use. Learn more at Superfund Redevelopment Initiative.

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Redevelopment at the Site

The 275-acre Haviland Complex Superfund site is located in the Village of Hyde Park, New York. The site includes an apartment complex, schools, a shopping center and a number of private homes. In 1982, the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) discovered that septic system wastes from the area had contaminated groundwater with volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Local investigations identified the Haviland Laundromat and Dry Cleaner and the Haviland Car Wash as the contamination source. In 1983, NYSDOH ordered the laundromat to disconnect its dry cleaning unit from the septic system and properly dispose of all wastes. The State notified all residents in the area of the situation and advised the use of bottled water. EPA added the site to the Superfund program’s National Priorities List (NPL) in 1986. Cleanup activities included the use of whole-house water treatment systems and monitoring of the affected homes. Additional cleanup activities included the monitoring of natural processes to clean up contaminated groundwater. In the summer of 2000, the County extended the public water system to the site area, connecting all affected residents. In April 2008, EPA transferred the site to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC). After 10 years of site monitoring, testing showed that contaminant levels had decreased to quantities close to cleanup goals. Actions taken by EPA and state and local agencies allowed the continued operation of the schools and businesses located on the site. In addition, cleanup activities allowed residents to continue living safely in their homes.

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Economic Activity at the Site

As of December 2019, EPA had data on 18 on-site businesses. These businesses employed 227 people and generated an estimated $3,417,000 in annual sales revenue. View additional information about redevelopment economics at Superfund sites.

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