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About the Superfund Redevelopment Initiative

This nationally coordinated effort provides EPA and its partners with a process to return Superfund sites to productive use. Learn more at Superfund Redevelopment Initiative.

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Redevelopment at the Site

The 108-acre Tutu Wellfield Superfund site is a large contaminated groundwater plume in St. Thomas County of the Virgin Islands. The Virgin Islands Department of Planning and Natural Resources began studying the site in 1987 following reports of fuel odors in groundwater wells. Testing by EPA confirmed the presence of contaminants in the groundwater supply and area soils. Investigations linked the sources of contamination to a dry cleaner, two automotive service stations and a former textile manufacturing plant. EPA added the site to the Superfund program’s National Priorities List (NPL) in September 1995. EPA and the responsible parties cleaned contaminated groundwater through collection and treatment. In addition, institutional controls prohibit unauthorized use of groundwater wells. Cleanup included treating contaminated soils through soil vapor extraction and removing heavily contaminated soils for proper disposal. The local government continues long-term monitoring. Many commercial businesses, schools, churches and residential homes remain active within the site area.

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Economic Activity at the Site

As of December 2018, EPA had data on 4 on-site businesses. These businesses employed 3 people and generated an estimated $4,613,000 in annual sales revenue. View additional information about redevelopment economics at Superfund sites.

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