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About the Superfund Redevelopment Initiative

This nationally coordinated effort provides EPA and its partners with a process to return Superfund sites to productive use. Learn more at Superfund Redevelopment Initiative.

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Redevelopment at the Site

The 39-acre Dixie Caverns County Landfill Superfund site is located in Salem, Virginia. The County of Roanoke operated the unlicensed municipal landfill from 1965 until its closure in 1976. During operation, the landfill accepted municipal and industrial wastes. Site activities contaminated soil and sediment. EPA placed the site on the Superfund program’s National Priorities List (NPL) in 1989. Cleanup activities included removal and treatment of fly ash and the removal, treatment and disposal of contaminated stream sediments. Cleanup ended in 1997, and EPA deleted the site from the NPL in 2001. In January 2013, the potentially responsible party put land use controls in place to ensure that the landfill is not disturbed. The successful cleanup of the site allowed for the beneficial reuse of the property. The Roanoke County Police Department built several buildings on the site, including a new training facility with classrooms and an outdoor shooting range.

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Economic Activity at the Site

As of December 2016, EPA had data on one on-site business. EPA did not have further economic details related to this business. View additional information about redevelopment economics at Superfund sites.

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