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About the Superfund Redevelopment Initiative

This nationally coordinated effort provides EPA and its partners with a process to return Superfund sites to productive use. Learn more at Superfund Redevelopment Initiative.

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Redevelopment at the Site

In 2010, The Sol Group opened a wholesale produce distribution center at the site. Today, the redeveloped site provides employment opportunities to the local community.

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Economic Activity at the Site

As of December 2019, EPA had data on one on-site business. This business employed 5 people and generated an estimated $361,000 in annual sales revenue. View additional information about redevelopment economics at Superfund sites.

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Activity and Use Limitations

At this site, activity and use limitations that EPA calls institutional controls are in place. Institutional controls play an important role in site remedies because they reduce exposure to contamination by limiting land or resource use. They also guide human behavior. For instance, zoning restrictions prevent land uses – such as residential uses – that are not consistent with the level of cleanup. For more background, see Institutional Controls.

For this site, Institutional Controls are in place that restrict installation of potable water wells where the property abuts a water main owned by a public or private water utility system (Broward County Code sections 34-35 through 34-49). The site also lies within a Florida Delineated Area which restricts well placement Exit (FAC 62-524).

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