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Site Milestones

Milestone Date(s)
Initial Assessment Completed 09/01/1984
Proposed to the National Priorities List 10/15/1984
Finalized on the National Priorities List 06/10/1986
Remedial Investigation Started 03/29/1985
Final Remedy Selected 09/25/1987
Remedial Action Started Not Yet Achieved
Construction Completed 09/04/1992
Deleted from National Priorities List 05/28/1993
Most Recent Five-Year Review 09/30/1998
Site Ready for Reuse and Redevelopment Not Yet Achieved

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Cleanup Schedule by Operable Unit

During cleanup, a site can be divided into a number of distinct areas depending on its complexity. These areas, called operable units (OUs), may address geographic areas, specific problems, or areas where a specific action is required. Examples of typical operable units include construction of a groundwater pump and treatment system or construction of a cap over a landfill.

Milestone OU Start Date Completion Date OU ID
Consent Decree (EPA Performed) OU 00 - SITEWIDE 03/10/1994 00
Five-Year Review (EPA Performed) OU 00 - SITEWIDE 09/30/1998 00
Combined Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study (State Performed) OU 01 - OU01 03/29/1985 09/25/1987 01
Record of Decision (State Performed) OU 01 - OU01 09/25/1987 01
Operation and Maintenance (State Performed) OU 01 - OU01 09/30/1988 03/31/1991 01

NOTE: Dates and estimated dates will not display for all milestones. Estimated dates only display for milestones planned within the next three fiscal years. Estimated dates and start dates will not display for the following enforcement milestones: Administrative Order of Consent, Consent Decree and Unilateral Administrative Order. Start dates will not display for the following document milestones: Five-Year Review, Record of Decision, Record of Decision Amendment, Explanation of Significant Differences and Partial NPL Deletion.

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