Superfund Site Profile

Proposed Deletion

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announces the proposed deletion of Shpack Landfill Superfund Site in Norton and Attleboro, Massachusetts, from the National Priorities List (NPL). EPA and the State of Massachusetts have determined that all appropriate Superfund-financed responses under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA), have been implemented and that no further cleanup by responsible parties is appropriate for the Site. Moreover, EPA and the State have determined that remedial actions conducted at the site to date continue to be protective of public health and the environment. This deletion does not preclude future actions under Superfund if warranted.

The Federal Docket for the Shpack Landfill Superfund Site deletion contains the information to support the deletion. The public is invited to comment by August 7, 2017 on the proposed decision to delete this Site from the NPL.  This final deletion is effective September 5, 2017 unless EPA receives adverse comments by August 7, 2017.  Submit your comments, identified by Docket ID no. EPA-HQ-SFUND-1986-0005, by one of the following four methods:

Online at Follow on-line instructions for submitting comments and viewing the supporting documentation in the Federal Docket

Fax: 1-617-918-0332

Mail: Elaine Stanley
EPA Remedial Project Manager
U.S.EPA, Region 1
Post Office Square (Mail Code OSRR07-4)
Boston, MA  02109

The Notice of Intent to Delete and the Notice of Deletion are also available on EPA's web page at the following web address:  Publicly available docket materials are also available at the EPA Record Center and the Site information repository at the locations listed below:

EPA Region 1 Record Center
5 Post Office Square
Boston, MA 02109
Phone: 1-617-918-1440
Hours: Mon - Fri 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Norton Public Library
68 East Main Street
Norton, MA 02766
Phone: 508-285-0265


Institutional controls are required for this site.
This site requires ICs because a decision document, such as a Record of Decision, has documented some level of contamination and/or remedy component at the site that would restrict use of the site. These ICs are required to help ensure the site is used in an appropriate way and that activities at the site do not damage the cleanup components. These ICs will remain in place for as long as the contamination and/or cleanup components stay on site.  The site contacts should be consulted if there are questions on the ICs for this site.

More information about institutional controls at this site.


The Shpack Landfill site covers 9.4 acres in Attleboro and Norton, Massachusetts. The landfill, which operated from 1946 until the 1970s, received domestic and industrial wastes, including inorganic and organic chemicals, as well as radioactive waste. Facility operations contaminated soil, sediment and groundwater with hazardous chemicals. Site cleanup is ongoing.