Superfund Site: WELLS G&H

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Proposed Plan

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announces a 30-day extension to the public comment period on the proposed plan for the Wells G&H Superfund Site, Woburn, MA, Southwest Properties, Operable Unit 4 (OU4).  The comment period is extended from August 14, 2017 to September 13, 2017 and all public comments on the Cleanup Plan are due no later than September 13, 2017. 

You do not have to be a technical expert to comment. If you have a concern, suggestion, or preference regarding this Plan, EPA wants to hear from you before making a final decision on how to protect your community.


Provide EPA with your written comments about the Proposed Cleanup Plan for the Southwest Properties, OU4, Wells G&H Superfund Site.

You may email (,
fax (617-918-0323),
or mail comments, postmarked no later than Wednesday, September 12, 2017 to:

Joseph LeMay, P.E.
EPA Region New England
5 Post Office Sq., Suite 100
Mail Code OSRR 07-4
Boston MA 02109-3912

Administrative Record File

For detailed information on the cleanup options evaluated for use at the SWP, see the Southwest Properties, Wells G&H Superfund Site Feasibility Study, EPA FS Report Addendum, and other documents contained in the SWP’s Administrative Record File available for review online at 


The 330-acre Wells G&H site is located in Woburn, Massachusetts. The site consists of two municipal wells, which were developed in 1964 and 1967 to supplement Woburn’s water supplies. In 1979, it was discovered that the wells had been contaminated by industrial waste from neighboring properties. Both wells were shut down and a supplemental water supply was arranged for the city. Site cleanup is ongoing.