Superfund Site Profile


The Davis Liquid Waste Superfund Site lies between Tarkiln and Log Roads in the northwest section of Smithfield, Rhode Island and consists of a 7-acre source area bounded to the east and west by forested wetlands and the north and south by wetlands.  Surface water drains into Latham Brook and eventually enters Stillwater Reservoir, tributary to the Woonasquatucket River.  

Throughout the 1970s, the owner disposed of a variety of liquid and solid wastes containing hazardous substances.  Tank trucks directly discharged liquid wastes into unlined lagoons and seepage pits. Drums containing chemicals and laboratory containers were buried on site or crushed.  Wastes and contaminated soil were excavated from the lagoons and pits, and were dumped at several on-site locations and covered with available soil.  The Site accepted liquid and chemical wastes such as paint and metal sludges, oily wastes, solvents, acids, caustics, pesticides, phenols, halogens, metals, fly ash and laboratory pharmaceuticals.  The disposal of these wastes contaminated groundwater at and surrounding the Site.  Nearby private wells were found to be contaminated by wastes emanating from the Site in bedrock groundwater.