Superfund Site: DAVIS (GSR) LANDFILL

Superfund Site Profile


The 58-acre Davis (GSR) Landfill site includes a 21-acre inactive landfill located in the Towns of Glocester and Smithfield, RI. Between 1974 and 1976, the landfill, which was privately owned and licensed by the State to accept municipal wastes, accepted wastes from Glocester, Smithfield, Warwick, and Providence. In 1978, the State declined to renew the landfill's license because the facility had violated numerous rules and regulations for operating solid waste management facilities. Numerous legal actions to close the landfill ensued, and the State Supreme Court ruled in favor of the State in 1982, at which time the landfill became inactive. However, the landfill was never properly capped or stabilized. The State found both surface water and groundwater contamination on-site. Approximately 200 residents who use private water wells live within a 1-mile radius; there are approximately 4,700 people within a 3-mile radius using private wells.