Superfund Site Profile


The CPS/Madison Industries site includes two manufacturing facilities located on a 35-acre tract of land in Middlesex, New Jersey. The CPS Chemical plant, which was acquired by Ciba in 1998 and operated until 2001, processed, treated, and stored organic chemicals used in the production of water treatment agents, lubricants, oil field chemicals, and anti-corrosive agents. Madison Industries and a related business, Old Bridge Chemical, are still in operation. Madison Industries produces zinc compounds for fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, and food additives, and Old Bridge Chemical produces copper compounds used in fertilizers, and food additives. Since 1967, site operators improperly handled and disposed of hazardous substances, including discharges into the public sewer system, resulting in soil and groundwater contamination. The municipal wellfield for the city of Perth Amboy is downgradient of the site, and thirty-two municipal wells have been closed due to contamination attributed to the site. Prickett's Brook and Prickett’s Pond, are also downgradient of the site, and may have been contaminated by the site; neither are used for recreation or as a drinking water source. Based on aerial photography, less than 100 residences are within one mile of the site.