Superfund Site: SYNCON RESINS

Superfund Site Profile


The 15-acre Syncon Resins site is located in South Kearny, New Jersey.  The Syncon Resins facility produced alkyd resin carriers for pigments, paints and varnish products.  In the production process, excess xylene or toluene was separated from the wastewater and reused in subsequent reactions.  Remaining wastewater was pumped to an unlined lagoon to evaporate or percolate into the soil.  Investigations of the site found extensive contamination of the groundwater, soil, buildings, vessels and tanks.  After immediate actions to protect human health and the environment, the site’s long-term remedy was put in place.  By removing all of the 55-gallon drums and securing the site, the threat of exposure to hazardous materials has been greatly reduced.  The site’s groundwater treatment system is currently operating.  Current human exposures at the site are under control.