Superfund Site: ROEBLING STEEL CO.

Superfund Site Profile


The Roebling Steel Company site is located next to the Delaware River in Florence Township, New Jersey. The 200-acre area is a former manufacturing plant for steel and wire products. The Roebling Steel Company produced steel wire and cable at the site for many years before closing in the 1980s. Parts of the site were later used for other commercial and industrial operations, such as housing polymer reclamation, storing insulating products, refurbishing refrigerated trailers and shipping containers, and construction equipment storage. The raw materials and waste products that these operations produced were stored or buried in several on-site locations. These waste disposal practices contaminated the soil, sediment and groundwater.

Seventy buildings occupied much of the site. Buildings on site contained contaminated process dust, exposed asbestos, and liquid and solid wastes from equipment, tanks, piping, pits and sumps. The site included two inactive sludge lagoons and an abandoned landfill. Soil all around the site is contaminated with heavy metals such as lead, chromium and cadmium. River and creek sediments and wetlands were contaminated with heavy metals such as lead, chromium and copper, and hazardous oils and tars. Groundwater under the site is sporadically contaminated with various heavy metals, including arsenic, lead and copper in a small number of wells. Following initial actions to protect human health and the environment, EPA is addressing the site’s long-term cleanup in stages. Under current conditions at the site, groundwater migration is under control.