Superfund Site Profile


The 16-acre Lipari Landfill site includes a 6-acre inactive landfill that, between 1958 and 1971, accepted household waste, liquid and semi-solid chemical wastes, and other industrial materials. These wastes were disposed of in trenches originally excavated for sand and gravel. Approximately 3,000,000 gallons of liquid wastes and 12,000 cubic yards of solid wastes were disposed of at the site. Some of the wastes included solvents, paints and thinners, formaldehyde, dust collector residues, resins, and solid press cakes from the industrial production of paints and solvents. Prior to the closing of the landfill in 1971 by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, at least one explosion and two fires were reported at the site. Contaminants seeped into the underlying aquifers and leached into nearby marshlands, Chestnut Branch, Rabbit Run and Alcyon Lake. The lake was subsequently closed for recreational use. Although approximately 11,000 people depend on groundwater for drinking water supplies within three miles of the site, drinking water supplies were not found to be contaminated. Fruit orchards, commercial businesses and a technology park are located adjacent to the site. Chestnut Branch is a tributary to the Delaware River.