Superfund Site: ELLIS PROPERTY

Superfund Site Profile




The Ellis Property is a 36 acre tract of land located in Evesham and Medford Townships that was originally a dairy farm. Approximately 4 acres of the 36-acre tract was used for drum storage and reconditioning operations.  The site included a large two-story building housing several washing tanks and troughs, and three sheds.  At the time of the site discovery, 50 to 75 drums and other chemical containers, many of them full, were found in the in the buildings  sheds.   An area adjacent to the sheds contained about one hundred 55-gallon plastic drums, most of which contained some liquid. Approximately 300 containers were discovered at the site. Many of the drum contents had leaked onto the ground. Surficial spills and discharges associated with drum reconditioning, and chemical storage are believed to have contributed to contamination of soil and groundwater at the site. Operations ceased in the late 1970s following a fire.