Superfund Site: REICH FARMS

Superfund Site Profile


The Reich Farm Superfund site is located in Dover Township, New Jersey. The 3-acre area was leased in the 1970s to an independent waste hauler. In 1971, the waste hauler disposed of drums containing organic solvents and residues from the manufacturing of organic chemicals, plastics and resins. In 1972, Union Carbine, a potentially responsible party (PRP), removed drums, trench waste and contaminated soil. Contaminated soil also contaminated the groundwater with organic compounds above state and federal standards. In response, NJDEP closed private wells in the area. Zoning ordinances were put in place to prevent private use of the groundwater. Following initial actions to protect human health and the environment, long-term groundwater cleanup and monitoring are ongoing. Under current conditions at the site, potential or actual human exposures are under control.