Superfund Site Profile


The Ventron/Velsicol site is located in the boroughs of Wood-Ridge and Carlstadt, New Jersey. A mercury processing plant operated at the site from 1929 until 1974. Process waste, containing mercury and other contaminants was disposed of on the 40-acre property. Soils, groundwater, surface water and sediments are contaminated. Off-site sediments and surface water are also contaminated.

The site also includes the Berry’s Creek Study Area, which comprises Berry’s Creek and its surrounding wetlands and waterways. Berry’s Creek is an approximately 6.5-mile tributary of the Hackensack River. The creek travels through the boroughs of Carlstadt, East Rutherford, Lyndhurst, Moonachie, Rutherford, Teterboro, and Wood-Ridge. The creek originates near Teterboro Airport, meanders through reed marshes, and then discharges into the Hackensack River. Berry’s Creek Study Area has also been impacted by two other federal Superfund sites (Universal Oil Products and Scientific Chemical Processing) as well as several hazardous waste sites managed by New Jersey. Mercury and PCBs are the primary contaminants and have been found at elevated levels throughout the surface water, sediment and biota in the area.