Superfund Site Profile

EPA is in the process of updating the site profile page with additional current information.   When the updates are complete, we will remove this message. Until then, we thank you for your patience and consideration in this matter


The Dover Municipal Well 4 site is located in Dover, New Jersey. Drilled in 1962, Dover Municipal Well No. 4 (DMW-4) began pumping in June 1965, and was one of the town's primary water supply wells. Sampling in March 1980 found chlorinated volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the groundwater collected from DMW-4. Based on this information, the Town of Dover voluntarily removed DMW-4 from service and replaced it with standby well #3. EPA determined that water at the site does not pose an immediate risk to humans, as long as it is not used for drinking water purposes without appropriate treatment. An EPA study determined the source of the well’s contamination was a dry cleaner, and ordered the demolition of the facility and removal of contaminated soil beneath it. EPA also decided to allow the groundwater at the site to naturally cleanse itself and is monitoring that process to ensure its effectiveness.