Superfund Site Profile


The Peter Cooper Corporation site is located in Dayton, New York. The 106-acre site was an industrial waste disposal area for the Peter Cooper Corporation (PCC), a former animal glue and adhesives plant in Gowanda, New York.

From about 1955 until September 1971, a 15-acre disposal area was almost completely covered with about 9,600 tons of manufacturing waste from the Gowanda plant. In addition, a New York State Supreme Court Order required PCC to move about 38,600 more tons of waste from the Gowanda plant to the site. This took place between August 1971 and late 1972.

Materials disposed of at the site were reported to consist of "cookhouse sludge," residue pile material and vacuum filter sludge. Cookhouse sludge was so named because of a cooking cycle that took place just prior to extraction of the glue. It was derived primarily from chrome-tanned hides obtained from tanneries and leather finishers. Residue pile material is described as air-dried cookhouse sludge, which was stabilized to a fairly dry, granular form. Vacuum filter sludge is produced during dewatering of cookhouse sludge. The waste material has been shown to contain elevated levels of chromium, arsenic, zinc and several organic compounds.