Superfund Site:


Superfund Site Profile

Site Contacts

Community Involvement Coordinator
Michael Basile
(716) 551-4410

Remedial Project Manager
Christos Tsiamis
(212) 637-4257

Site Location

Street Address:
RTE 57, FULTON, NY 13069


The 1.5-acre Fulton Terminals site is located in an urban area adjacent to the Oswego River in Fulton, New York. Millions of gallons of waste, oils, and sludge were stored in tanks at the site and groun water, soil, and sediments were contaminated with volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Work has been done to clean up visibly-contaminated soil and tar-like wastes, excavate  storm drains, remove contaminated soil and treat groundwater. Physical cleanup activites at the site have been completed. Groundwater monitoring is ongoing.