Superfund Site Profile

Community Update - June 2017

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The Eighteen Mile Creek Site is located in Niagara County, New York and consists of contaminated sediments, soil, and groundwater. The Creek flows north for approximately 15 miles and discharges to Lake Ontario in Olcott, New York. The headwaters consist of an East and West Branch, which are immediately north of the New York State Barge Canal. The branches merge to form the main body of the Creek at the Clinton Street Bridge in Lockport, New York. The Site has been divided into two parts: the Eighteen Mile Creek Corridor, which extends from the Creek's headwaters at the Barge Canal to Harwood Road in Lockport, and the creek sediment north of Harwood Road to Lake Ontario (referred to as the Sediment Study Area). The Corridor contains most of the Site's legacy contamination. The Corridor includes approximately 4,000 feet of the Creek, as well as properties located along Mill Street, Water Street and Clinton Street in the City of Lockport.