Superfund Site: CHEM-SOLV, INC.

Superfund Site Profile


• The Chem-Solv, Inc. site is located on a 1.5-acre property in Cheswold, Delaware.  Chem-Solv was a small solvent distillation facility beginning in 1982.
• The facility recycled waste solvents, but in 1984 an explosion and fire at the site destroyed the facility.  Witnesses, at the time, saw fluids flowing off a concrete pad and into the soil.
• After the fire, authorities evaluated the Columbia Aquifer beneath the site and found high concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), primarly TCE, were found in the aquifer.
• In 1995, TCE was found in a private water supply well located immediately downhill from the facility, at levels 200 times greater than the drinking water standard.
• The total population of Cheswold is about 300 residents.