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Superfund Site Profile

Site Contacts

Community Involvement Coordinator
Alexander Mandell
(215) 814-5517

Remedial Project Manager
Christian Matta
(410) 305-2777

Site Location

Street Address:
ROUTE 896 + 15, MIDDLETOWN, DE 19709


The Sealand Limited Superfund site covers a 0.8-acre area in Middletown, Delaware. Sealand Limited and Oil Industry operated a creosote-manufacturing plant and a coal tar, gas tar, and ink oil storage and recycling facility on the site for approximately one year, closing in 1983. Leaking tanks and drums at the site contaminated ground water and soil. EPA added the site to the National Priorities List (NPL) in 1990, and after cleanup, removed the site from the NPL in 1997.