Superfund Site: SPECTRON, INC.

Superfund Site Profile

EPA is currently conducting the first Five-Year Review for the site. If you are interested in providing input, please contact Cathleen Kennedy, Community Involvement Coordinator, at 215-814-2746 or The Five-Year Review is expected to be complete in November 2017.


The Spectron, Inc. Site is located on approximately 8 acres near Elkton, Maryland, in a rural residential area. Solvent recycling operations occupied the Site from 1962 to 1988. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) were processed and released from the facility, resulting in contaminated soil, groundwater and seeps along the western bank of Little Elk Creek.

EPA and the Potentially Responsible Party (PRP) Group continue to plan and implement the cleanup at the site. The Little Elk Creek has been addressed, contaminated sediments were excavated and a Stream Isolation/Groundwater Collection and Treatment System operates to keep contaminated groundwater from reaching the stream.