Superfund Site: DRAKE CHEMICAL

Superfund Site Profile

EPA recently issued an Explanation of Significant Differences, incorporating “institutional controls” to restrict future activities that could interfere with the cleanup remedy at the Site. The institutional controls would prohibit, unless otherwise approved by the PA Department of Environmental Protection and the EPA:

  1. Any activities which would interfere or damage the integrity of the vegetated, graded mound of treated soil. For as long as the soil mound remains undisturbed, the current vegetative cover shall be maintained for erosion and sedimentation control.
  2. Groundwater underlying the site being withdrawn for any purpose.

The required institutional controls are being carried out through a state order, and recorded with the deeds for the three parcels that make up the property.


The 8-acre Drake Chemical site is located in Lock Haven, Clinton County, Pennsylvania. A chemical plant operated on site from the 1960s to 1981. The plant made chemical intermediates for pesticides and other organic compounds. Six major buildings, including former offices, production facilities, and a wastewater treatment building were located at the facility. Outside the buildings were approximately 10 large tanks that were used for bulk storage of acids, bases, and fuel oils. Also located on-site were two lined wastewater treatment lagoons, and two unlined lagoons. Chemical sludge and contaminated soils had been filled in all of the open area on the site. Site activities contaminated soil, groundwater and on-site structures with hazardous chemicals. The site was added to the National Priorities List (NPL) in 1983.