Superfund Site:


Superfund Site Profile

Site Contacts

Community Involvement Coordinator
Amie Howell
(215) 814-5722

Remedial Project Manager
Aaron Mroz
(215) 814-3172

Site Location

Street Address:
630 Bruin Queenstown Road
PARKER, PA 16049


The Craig Farm site consists of 117 acres located in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania. Between 1958 and 1963, approximately 8,000 tons of drummed waste material were deposited in two former strip mine pits on the site property and covered with topsoil. The waste consisted of still bottom residue from the production of resorcinol at the Koppers Chemical Plant located in Petrolia, Pennsylvania. Resorcinol, an organic compound, is used as an adhesive enhancer in commercial products such as automobile tires and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Approximately 1,700 people reside within a three-mile radius of the site, with the closest residence approximately a half mile ...
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