Superfund Site Profile


The Elizabethtown Landfill Superfund Site is an inactive landfill that occupies about 16 acres at 349 West Ridge Road in West Donegal Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The Site is located roughly one mile southwest of Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, in a primarily rural, agricultural area. The entrance to the Site is via West Ridge Road.

Initial commercial activities at the Site involved excavation of sand and gravel from
a 2-acre pit in the south-central portion of the Site. These quarrying operations occurred between September 1957 and April 1961. It subsequently operated as an unlicensed landfill from at least 1959 through 1973, accepting municipal, household, and industrial wastes, in its later years operating under the name of United Disposal, Inc. (UDI).  UDI ceased landfilling operations on or about July 31, 1973, pursuant to a Consent Decree with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources (PADER), now the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP).

As part of the closure of the landfill in 1973, SCA Services of Pennsylvania, Inc. (SCA) covered and seeded the landfill and installed four monitoring wells.  In March 1976, UDI sold its assets, including the landfill, to SCA. SCA operated a trash hauling transfer station on the Site.  The company's operations also included an area to stage and maintain trash hauling trucks and an office building.

On November 26, 1985, an EPA contractor inspected the landfill and reported that leachate constituents had been detected in groundwater and surface water samples collected near the landfill.  In 1986 and 1987, SCA installed a soil-based cover over approximately 12 acres on the northern portion of the landfill. The remaining four acres of the property were covered by a permeable base of gravel.

On March 31, 1089 the Site was listed on EPA's National Priorities List (NPL). The NPL is a list of hazardous waste sites that are eligible to receive government funding for a cleanup.  In 1994, WMDSPA (the property owner; SCA changed its name in 1993) stopped using the facility as a transfer station.