Superfund Site: NORTH PENN - AREA 5

Superfund Site Profile


The North Penn Area 5 Superfund Site (Site) is located in the vicinity of Colmar and Hatfield Township, Pennsylvania in the eastern part of Montgomery County, with a portion of the Site extending into Bucks County. The Site is comprised primarily of three distinct volatile organic (VOC) plumes of contaminated groundwater located within an approximately five square-mile area generally bounded by Richardson Road to the southeast, Bethlehem Pike (Route 309) to the west, Trewigtown Road to the northwest and Schoolhouse Road to the east (Figure 1).  North Penn Area 5 is one of several sites within the North Penn area of Pennsylvania that is suspected of contaminating groundwater and drinking water.

The Site has three separate areas of groundwater contamination, designated by Operable Units (OUs).

  • OU1: In the vicinity of a facility owned and operated by BAE Systems Information and Electronic Systems Integration, Inc. (BAE), previously known as American Electronics Laboratories, Inc. (AEL), manufactured electronic communication systems and components on the site.  This facility is currently owned by Sensor and Antenna Systems, Lansdale, Inc.
  • OU2: In the vicinity of a company owned and operated by Stabilus Inc. manufactured gas springs used in the automobile industry and other mechanical equipment.  This facility is currently owned by the Constantia Colmar Group.
  • OU3: A number of smaller facilities located in the Advance Lane area are associated with a variety of products and services.