Superfund Site: ROUTE 940 DRUM DUMP

Superfund Site Profile


The Route 940 Drum Dump site located in Monroe County, Pennsylvania is a 2 ½-acre site in Pocono Summit. In the 1970s, as many as 600 drums of unknown materials were stored on the site and in early 1983, the state was informed that some drums may have been buried on site. Later that year, the state detected volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chemical components of solvents, in on-site soils. Several organic chemicals also were detected in on-site groundwater. Thirty buried drums containing VOCs and heavy metals subsequently were discovered. Access to the site was restricted by a fence. Approximately 4,200 people depended on private wells and small public wells within three miles of the site as their sole source of drinking water. Indian River Creek, about a mile from the site, is used for fishing. Recreational fishing and hunting occur in the area surrounding the site.

The groundwater and soil were contaminated with various VOCs that had leaked from buried drums on the site. The possibility of high concentrations of VOCs in the soil being transmitted through the air was thought to pose a threat to area residents. In addition, direct contact with contaminated areas or contamination of the drinking water supply may have posed a risk to the nearby public. These threats were all addressed by the clean-up activities conducted at the site.