Superfund Site: DUBLIN TCE SITE

Superfund Site Profile


The Dublin TCE site is located in Dublin Borough, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. In 1986, the Bucks County Health Department discovered trichloroethylene (TCE), a chemical component of solvents, in 23 home tap water samples in Dublin. The highest TCE concentrations were found in a well on the site property. This property has been the site of several manufacturing operations over the last 50 years, including Kollsman Motor Company which allegedly used and disposed of solvents, including TCE, on the property during its operation. This property is thought to be the likely source of the TCE groundwater contamination. The groundwater was used by private wells servicing approximately 100 homes, apartments, and businesses in Dublin. All the affected wells have been taken out of service and drinking water is being provided by the public system.  This site was proposed to the NPL on October 26, 1989 and formally added to the list August 30, 1990.