Superfund Site Profile

EPA Reviews Site Cleanup

A new five-year review is currently being drafted. Five-year reviews provide an opportunity to evaluate the implementation and performance of a cleanup to determine whether it remains protective of human health and the environment.

To view the 2010 five-year review, please click here. 


The Site is located approximately two miles southeast of the Town of Montross, Westmoreland County, Virginia.  It is situated within Virginia’s Northern Neck region between the Rappahannock and Potomac Rivers.  The Site occupies approximately 30 acres of land on the east side of State Route 3. The western portion of the Site consists of a one-story manufacturing building, and a parking lot. The eastern portion of the Site contained five former sludge settling ponds and a treated wastewater pond. 

Two former sewage water treatment ponds were located near the eastern edge of the property, which were used to treat sanitary wastewater generated by the facility.  In addition, one chlorinated solvent tank and one acid tank are located along the northern edge of the facility. Both tanks are above-ground storage tanks and are presently empty. 

A EPA removal action successfully reduced the risks presented by contaminated soils, on-site residual process wastes, and contaminated containers and manufacturing equipment at the Site.  Nevertheless, significant residual contamination of isolated soil and underlying groundwater remained.  Given the extent of contamination at the Site, EPA proposed it for inclusion on the National Priorities List (NPL), 40 C.F.R. Part 300, Appendix B, in June 1988. The NPL is a list of the nation most hazardous waste Sites. Once listed on the NPL, a Site can receive federal funding for a cleanup. The Site was added to the NPL in February 1990.