Superfund Site: FORT EUSTIS (US ARMY)

Superfund Site Profile


The 8,200-acre Fort Eustis (US Army) site is located in Newport News, Virginia. An active Army installation operates at the site, which is located on a peninsula formed by the Warwick and James Rivers. The Installation was originally established during World War I as a training center for Coast Artillery Corps units and a balloonist school. Since that time, site uses have included a federal correction camp, a Works Progress Administration facility, a National Youth Administration facility, a bombing range for Langley Air Force Base, an anti-aircraft training facility, a prisoner-of-war camp and a transportation training center. Activities contaminated soil, sediment, surface water and groundwater with hazardous chemicals. Remedial actions have been completed for the DOL Storage Area, Browns Lake, Oil/Sludge Holding Pond, Milstead Island Creek and Eustis Lake operable units (OUs). Remedial investigations and remedy construction are ongoing at the site’s other 11 OUs.