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EPA to Begin Cleanup of Contamination Related to Clearview Landfill

EPA Region 3 has received funding from EPA Headquarters and will be starting a new Superfund cleanup at the Clearview Landfill – Operable Unit 1 (OU1), in late summer 2017.  This cleanup is referred to as the Remedial Action.  The first step of the cleanup will be to continue addressing residential yards in the Eastwick neighborhood that have contaminated soil related to the Clearview Landfill.  The yard cleanups will remove soil contaminated with elevated levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), as well as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and lead.  At least 80 homes are currently eligible for the yard cleanup based on EPA’s sampling results and more yards may also be eligible.  EPA previously cleaned up 33 contaminated residential yards with the highest levels of soil contamination.  Cleanup of the yards as part of the Remedial Action will start after Labor Day weekend.  The entire yard cleanup project will likely take over a year and last into 2019. The cleanup will cover one row of properties at a time (typically 6 to 8 homes), and each row will take about two weeks. The exact order and schedule for the yard work has not been determined and will be based where EPA has been given legal access. 
EPA will be conducting air monitoring throughout this cleanup process.  All air quality monitoring data and other information will be available at
In addition to the yard cleanup aspect of the OU1 Remedial Action, several businesses, primarily related to automobile repair and garbage truck and construction vehicle storage, currently operate at the Clearview Landfill.  The businesses must permanently relocate so that EPA can implement other parts of the OU1 remedial action, which includes the excavation of contaminated soil from the Eastwick Regional City Park, construction of a new forested cover over the landfill waste, and the capture and treatment of shallow leachate using constructed wetlands.  The permanent relocation process will also be starting in the fall of 2017 and is expected to take about one year to complete.
As background for anyone who may not be familiar with OU1, the Clearview Landfill is part of the larger Lower Darby Creek Area (LDCA) Superfund Site.  This remedial action will address contamination at Operable Unit 1 (OU1) of the LDCA Site, which consists of waste, soil, and shallow leachate associated with the Clearview Landfill.   The Clearview Landfill is located in both Darby Township and Philadelphia, PA situated between Darby and Cobbs creeks and the Eastwick area of southwest Philadelphia.  

How to Avoid Disturbing Soil in Eastwick Residential Yards (PDF)

How to Avoid Disturbing Soil in Eastwick Park (PDF)


The Lower Darby Creek Area (LDCA) site is located in Darby Township and Folcroft Borough in Delaware and Philadelphia counties, Pennsylvania. The site consists of two separate landfills, the Clearview and Folcroft Landfills. The Clearview Landfill is on the east side of Darby Creek near the intersection of 84th and Lindbergh Boulevard. The Folcroft Landfill is located two miles downstream on the west side of Darby Creek and within the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge. Both landfills operated from the 1950s to the 1970s and closed in the mid-1970s. Wastes accepted at both landfills reportedly included municipal, demolition and hospital wastes. Waste disposal practices contaminated soil, groundwater and fish tissue with hazardous chemicals. Investigations at both landfills are ongoing. The site is being cleaned up through federal, state and potentially responsible party (PRP) actions.



NEW VIDEO! EPA provides an update on the tree nursey project for the Clearview Landfill.

EPA is conducting surveys of Darby Creek as part of the Remedial Design Process.  Watch a one-minute video clip about the creek survey here.

The EPA is growing the types of trees needed to plant on the ET cover for Clearview Landfill. Watch a one-minute video clip about the tree nursery here.

EPA is using a machine called a geoprobe to sample the soil. Watch a one-minute video clip that shows the geoprobe in action.