Superfund Site Profile

The City of Anniston is located in northeastern Alabama, approximately 50 miles east of Birmingham. The Anniston PCB site is located in and around Anniston and surrounding Calhoun County and includes commercial, industrial and residential properties and downstream waterways and floodplains. Solutia’s Anniston plant is the focal point of the site. The plant encompasses approximately 70 acres of land and is located about one mile west of downtown Anniston. The plant is bounded to the north by the Norfolk Southern and Erie railroads, to the east by Clydesdale Avenue, to the west by First Avenue, and to the south by U.S. Highway 202.

Site investigations indicate that the vast majority of the PCBs in the Anniston area were released from the operations of the former Monsanto Corporation’s PCB manufacturing plant. PCBs were produced at the plant from 1929 until 1971. Today the former PCB plant produces polyphenyl compounds and phosphate ester­based hydraulic fluids. The facility is fenced and secured and access is restricted.


During its operational history, the plant disposed of hazardous and non­hazardous waste in various areas, including the West End Landfill and the South Landfill, which are located adjacent to the plant. In addition, during the time that PCBs were manufactured by the Monsanto Corporation at its Anniston plant, a wastewater stream containing PCBs was discharged into a ditch which flowed into Snow Creek.

The site is not listed on the NPL, but is considered to be an NPL­caliber site and is being addressed through the Superfund Alternative Approach. This approach uses the same investigation and cleanup process and standards that are used for sites listed on the NPL.


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