Superfund Site Profile

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The 12-acre site is located in a commercial and light industrial area of Longwood in Seminole County, Florida. The site is fenced and includes one large building that houses an active manufacturing facility. Big Tree Park is located west of the site. Several industrial properties are also located nearby. The General Dynamics Longwood Superfund site, currently vacant, is located directly north of the site; a chain-link fence runs between the two sites.

Sprague Electric Company manufactured film capacitors on site from 1959 to 1992. During the manufacturing process, operators cleaned the capacitors with vapor degreasers containing trichloroethylene (TCE) and trichloroethane (TCA). After the company stopped operating, GAFRI purchased the site property. GAFRI sold the site property and associated buildings to Dearborn Electronics in 2014. Dearborn Electronics operates a film capacitor manufacturing facility on site but does not use TCE or TCA in its manufacturing operations.

EPA did not list the site on the NPL but considers it an NPL-caliber site and is addressing it through EPA’s Superfund Alternative Approach. This approach uses the same investigation and cleanup process and standards EPA uses for sites listed on the NPL.