Superfund Site Profile

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The Parramore Surplus site is located in Mount Pleasant, Florida. It includes the area where Parramore Surplus has operated a storage and resale company for surplus military equipment since 1972. EPA placed the site on the Superfund program’s National Priorities List (NPL) in 1983 because of contaminated soil and groundwater resulting from drum storage operations. EPA, the Florida Department of Environmental Regulation (FDER, now the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, or FDEP) and the site’s potentially responsible party (PRP), Parramore Surplus, investigated site conditions and undertook measures to clean up the site.

All actions were designed to ensure that local residents and the environment are safe from site contamination. In 1983, Parramore Surplus excavated and treated contaminated soil. In 1987, EPA determined that the PRP would not need to take additional cleanup actions except for limited groundwater monitoring. EPA documented this decision in a Record of Decision, or ROD. In 1989, EPA took the site off the NPL. No additional monitoring of the site is required.