Superfund Site Profile

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The 57-acre site is located in Orange County, Florida, approximately a half-mile west of Zellwood and 25 miles northwest of Orlando. Several active industrial facilities as well as some undeveloped properties, including an open field and wooded wetlands, are located on the site. The site’s surroundings include residential developments, a nursery, citrus groves, and pastureland, as well as several other businesses. Numerous companies have operated in this industrial area since the early 1960s. Beginning in 1963, Drum Service Company of Florida, a drum recycling facility, used two unlined ponds for treatment and disposal of wastewater generated as part of its operations. The Southern Liquid Fertilizer Company began operating at the site in 1970s; in 1980, the company redesigned its treatment system and stopped using these ponds for wastewater disposal. In 1981, the plant began to operate under another owner, the Douglas Fertilizer and Chemical Company. The same year, operators drained the ponds and sent contaminated sediments to an off-site landfill. Operators then filled in the ponds with clean soil. These businesses discharged wastewater from their production process and wash water used during in-house cleaning into three unlined lagoons. The Zellwin Farms Company also operated a vegetable washing and packing plant in the area from 1960 to 1983. The facility discharged wastewater from the vegetable washing process into drainage ditches along Jones Avenue.