Superfund Site Profile

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The Marzone Inc./Chevron Chemical Co. Superfund site is located in Tifton, Georgia. Chevron Chemical Company owned and operated a pesticide and herbicide formulation plant on a portion of the site, referred to by EPA as operable unit (OU) 1, from 1950 to 1970. Several other companies, including Marzone Chemical Company, owned and operated the plant from 1970 until 1983. From the late 1960s until 1992, different companies, including Golden Seed Inc., operated a formulation and packaging plant for pesticides and fertilizers on another portion of the site, referred to as OU-2. Plant operations at both OUs resulted in contamination of the soil, sediment and groundwater. In 1989, EPA added the site to the Superfund program’s National Priorities List (NPL). Cleanup activities performed by the site’s potentially responsible party (PRP) at OU-1 included the removal of contaminated soil and sediment and the use of a funnel-and-gate system to channel groundwater through a system of trenches for treatment. Cleanup activities completed by EPA at OU-2 include the placement of groundwater use restrictions, monitored natural attenuation to address contaminated groundwater and the removal of contaminated soil and sediment. EPA cleanup also included the decontamination of buildings and equipment. Groundwater cleanup is ongoing. Light industry, including equipment storage and metal recycling operations, currently operate in warehouses at OU-1. The Banner Grain & Peanut Company continued operations throughout the cleanup at OU-2. The business continues to operate as peanut processing and storage facility at the site.