Superfund Site: CHEMFAX, INC.

Superfund Site Profile

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The 11-acre Chemfax, Inc. site is located in Gulfport, Harrison County, Mississippi. It is bordered to the east by Three Rivers Road and by Creosote Road to the south. Located to the north is County Barn Road and Bernard Bayou, and to the west are a rail line and the abandoned Alpine Masonite facility.

The Chemfax, Inc. began operations in 1955. It produced synthetic hydrocarbon resins and waxes from petroleum products. The primary operation at the time business ceased in 1995 was a paraffin blending process in which different grades of paraffin wax were heated together to a liquid state, blended, and then cooled with water. Cooling water was obtained from an on-site industrial well and stored in an on-site holding pond and reused.

The former operator of the site is deceased and the company is bankrupt.  The site is located on "Sixteenth Section" land, which by State law is held in trust by the State to be used for the benefit of Mississippi's public education system.  As the owner of the land, the State of Mississippi is the sole remaining responsible party.