Superfund Site Profile

The Kerr-McGee Chemical Corp – Columbus site is located in Columbus, Mississippi. This site includes the area where Kerr-McGee Chemical and its successor, Tronox Incorporated (Tronox), operated a chemical manufacturing facility from 1928 to 2003. EPA put the site on the Superfund program’s National Priorities List (NPL) in 2011 because of contaminated groundwater, sediment and soil caused by facility operations. EPA and the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) have taken steps to clean up the site in order to protect the public and the environment from contamination. EPA led short-term cleanups in 2010 to remove contaminated soils from Hunt Intermediate School, Maranatha Faith Center and a residential property on Moss Street. EPA is leading an investigation to find all site-related risks to people and the environment. Most residents and businesses nearby use the public water system for drinking water. As part of its investigation, EPA plans to study residential and business locales to make sure no one is drinking contaminated water. EPA has also taken several steps to keep the community informed and involved in site-related activities.

The 90-acre site is located at 2300 North 14th Avenue in Columbus, Mississippi, east of the intersection of North 14th Avenue and North 21st Street. The site boundary includes the former chemical manufacturing facility; in the future, EPA may expand the boundary to include residential properties. Businesses and neighborhoods, which include low-income and minority residents, surround the site. Schools and daycare facilities are also located nearby. While it operated, Kerr-McGee made pressure-treated railroad products such as wooden cross ties, switch ties and timbers. Operators used creosote and creosote coal tar solutions to make pressure-treated wood products. Operators also used pentachlorophenol (PCP) for wood treating from the 1950s until the mid-1970s.



Future Land Use and Redevelopment Planning

  • Mississippi State University’s Small Town Design and Landscape Architecture students are assisting the Kerr McGee technical team by developing a series of conceptual designs for reuse at the site after the remediation is complete.
  • As a part of this project, after receiving input from the community and local stakeholders, the MSU students will modify the designs and will attempt to identify suitable funding options to assist with the implementation of the redevelopment.
  • A series of meetings will be held in the community to discuss any environmental restrictions that may result from remediation activities and to ensure that stakeholders have an opportunity to share their desires for reasonable redevelopment/reuse options. 

Expedite RI/FS process to achieve effective cleanup of the Site in a timely manner.


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