Superfund Site Profile

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The Perdido Ground Water Contamination Site is located in Perdido, Baldwin County, Alabama, and is the site of a train derailment, which occurred on May 17, 1965.  The Site originated as a borrow area which provided sand and fill material to the County for local use. In 1965, a train derailment by the Louisville and Nashville Railroad (a predecessor of CSX Transportation, Inc., CSXT) occurred approximately 200 yards east of the intersection of State Highways 47 and 61.  Chemicals from the derailed tank cars spilled into the drainage ditches along State Highway 61 and caught fire.  Later, as a result of the accident, an unknown quantity of benzene that had not been destroyed by the fire eventually penetrated the soil and entered the ground water aquifer.

In 1982, benzene was identified in several residential domestic water supply wells within the community of Perdido.  An alternate supply of drinking water was provided by CSXT by constructing a waterline six miles from the nearby town of Atmore.  Approximately 150 Perdido homes within a one mile radius of the derailment were connected to the alternate water supply.